Dating stationary engines

The inlet and exhaust valves were in good condition so just a light lapping in to ensure a good seal.

The broken stud in the head was drilled out and a replacement made and installed.

powered by gasoline and two diesel slavias with 5 hp. The next manufacturer is Wichterle & Kovařik from Prostějov with engine called Robot with 4 hp. The last of stationary engine is engine Sendling with 7 hp.

The first petrol engine appeared in 1910 and is a copy of a English engine from the ‘Bristol Wagon & Carriage Company’, called a "Victoria". Southern Cross was also agents for other makes of engines Mc Donald Imperial Super Diesel engines from 1921/23.

In 1922 Southern Cross was selling a Farm Pump Engine called "Challenge Farm Pump" made by Roseberry Company Sydney NSW.

These I managed to purchase from Hit N Miss at a reasonable cost.

Had to wait for a nice dry day outside to clean the engine block and trolley.

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